The Leaves Don’t Lie


A few weeks ago, my husband and I were in the yard doing a little yard work. Our primary goal was to trim the bushes in the front yard. Today, I noticed a bunch of dead leaves in the bush nearest the top. When I tugged at the leaves, the entire branch came up. I didn’t realize that the branch had been clipped completely off from the bottom. That explained why the leaves were dead.

Wow! That got me to thinking. Sometimes, we may be wondering why the leaves in our lives that were once so vibrant and full of life, start to wither and die. Leaves of relationships. Leaves of endeavors. Leaves of passion. Etc. We start to notice discoloration and disfigurement. But we don’t give it much attention because things still seem to fit. It’s not until we really start paying attention to the healthy leaves that we even notice the dead ones.

The leaves didn’t die because I wanted them to die. They didn’t die because they were sick. They didn’t die because they were neglected. They died because what they were attached to, was cut off. They were disconnected from what gave them life.

Think about your life. How many times have things in your life died because they were disconnected from what gave them life? Relationships? Endeavors? Passions? The leaves remained in place even though they were lifeless. The dead leaves didn’t move until I moved them. Even if I chose to leave the dead branch in place to fill that hole, the evidence of the dead leaves would have told the truth about the branch they were attached to. The truth is, something was dead and no longer producing life. The leaves don’t lie!

Matthew 17:6

By their fruit you will recognize them.

The leaves were still legitimately leaves. The bush was still legitimately a bush. But that particular branch no longer produced because it was disconnected from it’s life source. It had been cut completely off.

Some of us will think about the people in our lives that we need to cut off. Some will remember those that we’ve allowed to hold a place in our lives that give no life. Then some of us will think about how bad those dead leaves make our lives look from the outside.

But what about you? What about God being the tree and you being a branch? What do your leaves look like? Are you producing fruit?

John 15:2

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

Just like the leaves on the bush in my front yard, our leaves don’t lie. If we’re not producing, what will God do to us?

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,g and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. – Galatians 5:22

*Tressa Jo


When the Rib Fits Right

20190421_122314I’m sitting here reminiscing with my Shuga about the past year of our journey. One year ago (tomorrow), I made my move to a new city to pursue life with him as his wife. After living in Dallas my entire life, having only experienced failed relationships, I was amazed at the lack of hesitancy I had in moving forward with our relationship and relocating to be with him. Everything about his efforts to pursue me, gave me every reason to say “yes”. We had our first conversation on May 28th, 2017. He came to visit me a month later. After we parted ways that evening, I called my friend Katrina and said “That’s my husband!”. I knew he was the one! Nothing like my past experiences.

I watched, waited and listen for him to contradict himself. He didn’t. I waited for his horny hound dog to surface. It didn’t. I waited for his demeanor to change after he got used to me. It didn’t. I waited, but he stayed the same. And most times, he just kept getting better. He committed to coming to see me once a month initially, but soon after made it every two weeks. He sacrificed his time and his money to make sure he saw me as often as possible.

It was foreign to most people that knew me to see Tressa in a relationship. Almost 11 years of flying solo and being a church girl moma bear is all they knew. So all of the unknowns seemed to have some doubting the validity and soundness of my relationship. Because I was confirmed by the Spirit of God by continuous prayer and submission, I was unapologetic about my relationship, knowing the intricate pieces of the puzzle that God made obvious to me that this man was a gift from Him. I knew what some were saying behind my back. And I have to admit, I was a little disappointed and hurt by a few that I felt would celebrate my relationship but didn’t. They fell back from me and treated me as if I had done something wrong. I fully embraced the fact that people are sometimes so programed to wordly agendas and worldly confirmations, that when the Holy Spirit orchestrates relational unions, they doubt the validity thereof because they can’t confirm that it passes the world’s check list for what makes a marriage work. But my check list was taken from the Book, not the world. 🙂 Then I realized that sometimes, people’s access to you is more important to them than your growth and happiness. Therefore, I made a decision very early not to ask people for permission to receive what God was, so boldly giving me.

James brought a level a security and consistency into my life that I had never received from any man in my life — not from a father, a brother, a friend or from a previous relationship. And now, a year in a new city and a year and a half married to the man of my prayers (not my dreams), I realize the power of when the rib fits right.

It’s like trying to force the wrong puzzle piece to fit in a place it doesn’t belong. It may look like it belongs but as the puzzle continues to come together, you realize that it didn’t fit and it throws off the entire picture.

Just like Adam’s rib. A specific woman was made from the rib of a specific man. A man can try his hardest to make a woman fit into his life that’s not supposed to be in his life. Likewise, a woman can try her hardest to fit into a man’s life she’s not supposed to fit in. And when it doesn’t fit, it hurts. And sometimes, you don’t realize that the puzzle piece you were trying to fit was never part of your puzzle until you’ve spent too much time hurting trying to create a picture with pieces that don’t even belong together.

But James, my Shuga Boo..

When the rib fits right….

Proverbs 10:23
The blessing of the LORD makes a person rich, and he adds no sorrow with it.

*Tressa Jo



Marriage is…


The relationship between a husband and a wife is threefold. It’s positional. It’s purpose. It’s performance. If an individual does not respect and honor the marital position of their spouse or understand and appreciate the purpose their spouse is called into and serves in their relationship, they will not value how their spouse performs in the marriage. Positionally, they must value and respect the place their spouse holds in their lives. They have to understand that their spouse is priority over any and all other relationships, outside of their relationship with God. And because they honor and respect the position of their spouse in the marriage, they will protect, nurture and steward their marriage in a way that promotes marital security and longevity.

Marriage is also purpose. When an individual enters into a marriage, they must have an understanding of God’s Divine purpose for marriage. Then they must come to an understanding of why God placed them in their spouse’s life specifically. And why God placed them and their lives. Embracing purpose in a marriage promotes intimacy, servitude and sacrifice. It keeps the marriage in line with God’s Divine intentions and purpose for marriage. It also creates a path for guidance and direction that creates harmony and oneness because both have committed to walking in the same direction to fulfill the same Divine purpose.

Marriage is also performance. Both the husband and the wife are called into this relationship positionally and purposefully. But they must also perform. God has given both the husband and the wife specific roles to playin this Divine union of marriage. Whenever roles and duties are abandoned, neglected or abused, individuals suffer and marital harmony and union is compromised. However, even when an individual effectively and consistently performs within the marriage, if the other spouse never develops a consistent mindset and appreciation for marital position and purpose, how the other performs won’t be valued or appreciated either. In other words, they can do everything right but it still won’t be enough.

True commitment in marriage has to include a commitment to the individual. But it also has to include a commitment and understanding of covenant. Covenant recognizes that God brings the two together. But covenant also continues to seek God to keep them together.

*Tressa Jo

I want to leave my church


It’s not uncommon for a member of a church to NOT be totally satisfied with everything in it. It’s good in this area, but needs work in that area. If it’s not the preaching, it’s the singing. If it’s not the hospitality, it’s the lack of outreach. If it’s not the leadership, it’s the followship. It’s always something wrong. Some people are so dissatisfied with their church, they even contemplate leaving to find what they feel is “better” or what they need. I will not begin to pretend that those things don’t matter, because they do. But I will say this, the way some ‘worship services’ are set up in local churches all over the world, inadvertently have shifted the focus of worship off of God on to our cultures, preferences, comfortabilities and likes. They’ve become religious arenas to do what we like, instead of what God likes.

The only person in the audience at church is God. We have members that lead in our assembly experiences to serve in different capacities. Sometimes we have a tendency to respond more to their performances, instead of being focused on the fact that God is observing us for our own individual worship to Him–the intentions of our hearts, our focus and the sincerity of our worship to God. When we come into the House of God, we’re all 100% responsible for offering up a worship to God regardless to what others are doing or not doing. Keep this in mind, just because we offer our praise and worship up to God, doesn’t automatically mean He accepts it. I think some of us would be totally shocked if we realized what God thinks and feels about our worship to Him. Not the expressions of our worship. We sing good. We give good. We’re committed in service and consistent in attendance, but God is weighing the intentionality, sincerity, focus and hearts of our worship. He looks past how we perform and position ourselves in church, directly at our purpose and heart posture in Christ.

Sometimes, our lack of spiritual maturity, play a bigger part in our discontentment than we may realize. Perhaps we need to reprogram ourselves to think more “worship” than “service”. We say “Service was good.” “Church was good.”, as if our opinion of acceptance solidifies the genuineness of our worship and makes it a sweet smelling aroma in the nostrils of God. We assume that our participation in church or service means that we’ve worshipped. It doesn’t. And we think that just because we attended ‘service’ means that we’re automatically serving God. It doesn’t. God is looking for a heart posture. And unfortunately, many of us have become the objects of our own worship to God. Our preferences get in the way. We can’t even enter into the presence of God because that preacher is or isn’t preaching; that person is or isn’t singing; that brother/sister is here or not here; that sound system isn’t working right; that greeter didn’t make me feel welcomed; the list is endless.

No church is perfect. If it was, it became imperfect the moment we got there. Sometimes, you have to work with what you got–kind of like what God is doing with us. He uses us all in spite of our flaws and failures. Then we must pray that God sends our church what or who it doesn’t have. You may be surprised if nothing changes but the people that are already there, including you.

Church folk, will complian all day long about what we haven’t even committed ourselves to praying to God about. Shame on us! Our agitations should provoke prayers and Kingdom contributions, not criticisms and abandonment. We should have intentions to be part of our congregations to make a Kingdom contribution. Especially when we feel something is missing. Some of us are planning our exit strategy because we’ve come to receive, but we’ve yet to make a priority to give and serve. We think it’s about us everywhere we go. What we want. What we need. What we like. What we don’t like. It’s not. It’s about God! And when we make Him the priority, He’ll make sure that we have what we need.

Before you leave, spend time praying for yourself and your church. Ask God to grow you into a place where your worship experience with Him is so intentional and so engrossed that what’s going on around you won’t even matter. Who’s worshipping next to you or before you won’t matter, because you’re so focused on His presence and expectations of you; not your expectations of everyone else. Then pray that God sends your congregation whatever and whoever it needs to be more effective at helping people come to salvation and edifying souls. God may just start with you.

I’ve been discontent. I’ve complained. I’ve criticized. I’ve wanted to leave. But my prayer for myself was to keep the main thing the main thing…. My own worship to God and my Kingdom contribution. I want to be a solution to a problem. I want to make a difference, not just a dent in my church. I had to check myself and start praying for my own attitude and my perceptions. I had to address my own worship before the Lord. Then I started praying for my church and those that lead it. And all I can say is “Wow”. God moved! Not to please me. But to grow His church one member at a time to do what He’s called us to do. And He started with me 1st.

*Tressa Jo

Get off my ship!


When Jonah fled on a ship to Tarshish, he brought something with him. He brought a storm. That storm was so intense that it affected every sailor on that ship. The sailors fought to keep the ship from sinking. They tossed cargo into the sea to lighten the load. But that didn’t work. Jonah confessed that the storm was his fault. He had disobeyed God. Neither tossing cargo overboard or Jonah’s confession calmed the storm. The storm became stronger and stronger and the sailors became desperate because they knew their lives were in jeopardy because Jonah was on the ship. They asked Jonah, “What should we do to you to make the sea calm down for us?” Jonah said, “Pick me up, and throw me into the sea, and then it will calm down. I know it is my fault that this great storm has come on you.” But even then, the sailors didn’t want to throw Jonah overboard. They tried to row the ship back to land, but they couldn’t. The sailors cried out to the Lord and eventually threw Jonah overboard to save their lives. The sea calmed. The storm was over. Their lives were no longer in jeopardy. Jonah was no longer in the boat.

The sailors on that ship came to realize what many of us have come to realize today. They realized that sometimes the drama in people’s lives become your drama when they get to close. Their storms become your storms. Jonah wasn’t a bad person. But he brought drama with him because of the choices and decisions he made that went against God’s commands.

Jonah confessed that he was the cause of the storm. But oftentimes, the people that come into our lives that bring trauma and drama won’t confess or even realize that they are the cause for so much chaos–not even when you tell them. Nevertheless, we have to make a decision whether or not to keep that person on our ship and risk our own demise or throw that person overboard.

This is why it is so important to use godly wisdom and discernment when allowing people into your lives and into your personal space. Because they don’t just bring themselves. They also bring energies, spirits and demonic influences. And when those energies, spirits and influences get close enough to you, they will attach themselves to you. Your entire world can be turned upside down. Not because you’re doing something wrong–but because you’ve allowed the wrong people into your life.

I once had a very significant relationship with an individual. I wanted this person in my life. But the relationship was abusive,toxic and dysfunctional. It seemed that every time I allowed this person into my life all hell would break loose. But as quick as they left, things would get better almost immediately. My peace would return. My stress would subside. My finances would improve. My overall life was better when they weren’t there. Eventually, I had to come to a realization and except that they were the reason for the storms in my life during that season. I remember the final conversation I had with this individual to close that chapter of my life. I told them that if I didn’t let them go, everyone in my ship would be destroyed.

Listen: You may have to tell someone, “Get off my ship!” to save your own life.

*Tressa Jo

The Strength that Destroys Your Faith


In the Bible, the Rich Young Ruler asked Jesus what he needed to do to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus told him to sell everything he had and give to the poor. The Rich Young Ruler became very sad because he had great possessions. Jesus then said that it was easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than it was for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Why? One lesson that we all have to learn in life is, the fact that anything we can do for ourselves–any strength that we have, has the ability to create in us a degree of pride that disables our willingness, ability or understanding of the magnitude of our need to trust God. Whatever we can do for ourselves, we don’t ask other people to do for us. Neither do we need other people to do for us. The Kingdom of Heaven is not flesh and blood. Therefore, if we don’t come into an understanding of our spiritual need for God, we never truly come into an understanding of what we actually need God for (everything). Neither do we pursue God for the things we can’t do for ourselves in the Spirit because we rely on our own strengths and abilities. This is why our flesh is our enemy. It’s seeks to keep us separate from a trusting relationship with God. True faith. Outside of faith and trusting God, it’s very possible to develop a pseudo relationship with God where we only seek Him to fix our situations, but we never come to a place where we humble ourselves enough to position ourselves for God to fix us. God extends His love and mercy towards us by allowing life’s strengths to fail us. Our physical health, our finances and our relationships–anything that gives us fleshy, wordly power and security. These are the things that our flesh innately rely on. It’s only when these things fail us that we seek a Higher Source. Which is actually The Source. All other things are resources. Make sure you don’t allow the blessings of God to become the very things that keep you separated from Him. Don’t put your trust in the blessings. Put your trust in God.

*Tressa Jo

Did you get enough to eat?


Any concerned parent, grandparent or spouse will always want to make sure their loved one gets enough to eat. They know that having a good appetite is a good sign of good health. So whenever their loved one is not eating, they start wondering what’s wrong. Are they sick? Are they stressed or depressed about something? Why the loss of appetite?

If you’ve ever known someone to be diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness, if they stop eating, there’s cause for concern. Why? Because we know that in order for the body to be strong enough to function properly and get better, they need to eat. And you don’t just give them anything to eat. You give them what you know has the ability to give them the nutrients they need that promote good health.

Even the healthiest person needs to make sure they eat enough to maintain good health. As a matter of fact, having enough to eat and what a person eats, plays a major part in the quality of that person’s health.

Likewise, as we purpose to make sure we get enough to eat for our physical bodies, we must make sure that we get enough to eat for our spiritual bodies. The same can be said about our spiritual strengths and well-being when it’s not being fed enough. We get weaker, more susceptible to disease and injury. But we may not even realize just how weak we’ve become until life ushers in a series of hardships, struggles and troubles. We start to realize that we’ve been infecteded by the spiritual toxins around us. We know when we try to lift the loads of life and we find ourselves straining to bare the weight. We’re too weak. We start catching other people’s demon diseases when we thought we were immune. Our bones become frail, weak and pained. And what once gave us a strong, upright spiritual posture has now become ravaged with injuries and now has us walking with spiritual limps and crutches.

Consider, the spiritual meal you ate today. (If you ate at all). Understand that whatever feeds you will lead you. If the Spirit isn’t dominating what you consume (spiritual vs carnal) the Spirit can’t lead you. You’re weak. You’re malnourished. You’re susceptible to the enemies diseases and attacks with little to no strength to fight. And all it will take is a strong enough force from the enemy to crush your bones.

The enemy will always interfere with our pursuits for spiritual things. He doesn’t want us to study the Word of God or to pray. He knows that this is his kryptonite and our Popeye’s Spinach. It’s our power! It’s our strength. It’s the only Source we have that equips us for battle in spiritual warfare.

As children of God, we must make sure that we make Bible study and prayer a priority. We must also make sure that our work doesn’t take precedence over our worship. Mary understood this in Luke chaper 10. Martha was consumed with working in the presence of Jesus. But Mary was at the feet of Jesus listening to the words He spoke. She positioned herself to feast on the Word of God. She was making sure she got enough to eat.

Mary didn’t let the business of her surroundings pull her away from listening to Jesus. In verse 42 of Luke 10, Jesus says, “Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her.” Don’t let the work of ministry or the “preparation that need to be made” take you away from hearing the Word of God because that’s the only things that can’t be taken away from you.

*Tressa Jo



Saying “Thank You” is almost an automatic response for most people. “Thank You” is uttered to express appreciation for being the recipient of something; a compliment, a gift, assistance, etc. It’s simply me recognizing that you gave me something. But do you realize that saying “Thank You” is not the same as being “Thankful”. When you are “Thankful” you are full of Thanks. And whatever you are full of on the inside will somehow show up on the outside. Yes, your “thank you” recognizes that you are a recipient of something and it recognizes the one who has given you that something. But true “thankfulness” not only recognizes the recipient and the giver; true “thankfulness” recognizes the sacrifice and efforts of the giver. And that recognition is manifested in you making an effort to express some kind of effort or sacrifice in return.

We say “Thank You God” every day. But are we “Thankful”? Are we simply, recognizing the gift and the giver our gifts? Or are we recognizing the sacrifice? If you are recognizing the sacrifice, are you compelled to make sacrifices in return? Or are you comfortable always being the recipient, but never compelled to be the giver?

Christ died “for” my sin. Thank You, Jesus. I will die “to” my sin.

Christ forgave me of my sin. Thank You, Jesus. I will forgive others.

Christ looked beyond my faults and saw my need knowing that I didn’t deserve it. Thank You, Jesus. I will be patient, loving, long-suffering toward others and consider their needs, even knowing that they don’t deserve it.

Christ “gave” His life for me. Thank You, Jesus. I will deny myself and give my life for Him.

The Sacrifice
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Luke 9:23 And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.

Don’t just say “Thank You”. Be thankful.

*Tressa Jo




Some of us are killing ourselves trying to figure out who loves us. Who loves us enough to make a big deal out of us when we’re hurting? We’ve served, saved and rescued everybody in our circle of love. We’ve given. We’ve sacrifice. We’ve had sleepless nights. We’ve poured out of ourselves and into others so much, that we’ve given everybody what they needed. But no one gave us what we needed. Our wells are dry. Our tires are flat. Our tanks are empty. And now we find ourselves looking for someone to show us some love. To make a big deal about us and what we need for a change. To run to our aide. To prove to us that we matter too. But guess what? No one is coming for that. No one is coming around to give to us. They’re still coming to get. To receive. To be helped. To be rescued. But it’s hurts too much to accept the fact that after all we’ve done for them, after all the love without expectations, that they don’t/can’t love us enough to reciprocate the magnitude of sacrifice we’ve made for them. Not even in our time of need. Not even in our sickness. Not even in our suffering. They don’t even have the capacity to see beyond our strengths to see our need.

So we have a decision to make. Do we keep struggling, stay sick, keep hurting in wait to see who cares? Who wants to help us? Who loves us the way we love them? Who will step up? Do we keep running the risk of dying trying to prove what isn’t our responsibility to prove? You’ve proven your love for them. You don’t have to prove their love for you too! I had to learn myself the hard way. You have to consider yourself, even if no one else does. Because you matter! You matter! You matter! They don’t have to see that. But you need to see it! And when you do, it’ll change how you place yourself in the lives of the ones you love. You’ll realize that your place is to help, not save. Assist, not carry. Advise, not do. Pray for them, not provide for them. Lead them to God, not become their god. You learn that you were never meant to be for them what only God is supposed to be for them. So, sometimes you realize that if you don’t get off the boat, everyone in it will sink. Everybody will sink because you’re too tired to paddle, and they never had to learn how to paddle. So please hear me…. You matter enough to say no. You matter enough to stop. You matter enough to leave. You matter enough to take time to heal. You matter enough to stop trying to give on the fumes of an empty tank. And as much as it hurts that they won’t come to your rescue during your time of need, you have to remember that God loves you and cares enough about you to make a big deal about you. His love for you is so deep that He died for you to prove His love for you. But you don’t have to die to prove your love for anyone. Take care of yourself!

*Tressa Jo

I don’t need you. I want you.


A man ought not to cover his head, since he is the image and glory of God; but woman is the glory of man. For man did not come from woman, but woman from man; neither was man created for woman, but woman for man. It is for this reason that a woman ought to have authority over her own head, because of the angels. Nevertheless, in the Lord woman is not independent of man, nor is man independent of woman. For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God. – 1 Corinthians 11:7-12

One of the most relational and marital defeating mentalities is that we don’t need one another. We just want one another. The world teaches us not to need a man; not to need a woman. Just want one enough to be willing to commit to. But from Genesis, the Bible shows us the necessity of woman and man coming together to manifest design, purpose, calling and ministry. Discovering why you need someone in your life doesn’t make you needy or thirsty. It’s makes you understand your piece in a bigger puzzle fashioned for Divine purpose. This isn’t just limited to romantic relationships. It’s evident in every area of life why there’s a major need for the presence of both women and men to come together, to connect and to collaborate. In families. In churches. In schools. In government. In medicine. Etc.

And it’s really unfortunate because the world constantly tells you to make sure you don’t need a man or a woman in your life. But the Bible clearly shows us that we actually need one another. God created us this way. And instead of us developing relationships from a biblical perspective, understanding fully how God designed us to need one another in order to fulill Divine purpose, we are constantly trying to figure out why we don’t need each other. And we’re constantly told to build ourselves up as much as possible so that we won’t actually need the person we commit to. Just want them. But you’re not supposed to need them. And in doing so, instead of us building relationships that understand and value the significance of the individual that God has placed in our lives, we build on a matrimonial arrangement that’s pleasure, play and plan driven. But we never truly embrace the reality that marriage also comes with pain, problems and purpose that we are assigned to steward toward healing. And we never embrace that fact that God has positioned this person in your life to help bring you to another level of God glorification.

It’s wonderful to discover why God places your spouse in your life. Understand, it’s not always about what they give you in every season. Sometimes, it’s about what they bring out of you. Sometimes it’s about what you bringing out of them. The good, bad and the ugly.

I once heard “Marriage isn’t purposed to make you happy. It’s purposed to make you holy.” I 💯 cosign. Marriage is a personal assignment to ministry. God calls us to minister to our spouses. And he calls our spouses to minister to us. In order to minister to your spouse, it requires you to learn your spouse’s needs, look beyond their faults to see their needs, deny yourself, get over yourself, sacrifice and serve. It even requires you not to abandon one another when you discover the true depths of one another’s issues and brokenness. One brother said “Don’t complian about what you’ve been assigned to heal.” I’m not implying that you have to take abuse. I’m simply saying that part of marriage is embracing one another’s ugly, not just their beauty. Know that your needs (and your spouse’s) can change from season to season.

When I consider my own heart issues and strengths, I realize why God assigned me to my husband. And why He assigned him to me. It’s a beautiful three-piece puzzle for Divine purpose. My husband, me and God. We are intentional about ministering to one another’s broken places and serving one another. We don’t get frustrated  with one another because we aren’t perfect or where we need to be in every area of our lives. But we extend patience as we grow as individuals and as we grow as husband and wife. And we’re committed to helping one another get there.

As we commit to being who God has called us to be, we become more like Him in the process. This is why it makes us holy and not just happy. It’s not always easy. But it’s always worth it. Understanding that we are “not independent of one another” is key. God brought THIS woman together with THIS man for a reason. And if you can’t see the reason, pray that God reveals it to you. But just as diligent as you are in asking God to help you understand why y’all are together, ask Him to help you walk in your assignment in your spouse’s life. You’d be surprised how that can shift the direction of your entire marriage. For your growth and God’s glory. ❤️

I need you. 🎶 You need me. 🎶

*Tressa Jo